Many years ago I was in between jobs (Down Sized) and my employment councelor encoraged me to start working with animals.  Email me and I'll tell you why.  So I started studing animal behavior from the top in the country.  I decided to start working with dogs full time and opened Alaska Canine Services.

I did private training, behavior counciling, and taught multiple group classes every week that were with and without dogs.  These were everything from puppy play classes to advanced tricks with the dogs and training clients and human relations for humans only.  

Working on more behavior workshops for the two leged animals in my world.  They are without a doubt the hardest to train and the most unpredictable.  Wish me luck and hope to see you in one of them in the future.


The one thing in life I have never been is bored.  I'm always finding things to fix, repurpose, or build.  Sometimes it does drive my wife nuts, but it keeps me busy and out of trouble.  (As my mom tells me)
When I brought home an old boat trailer my wife just shook her head and asked what I was going to do with this one.  Now she kind of likes it.

             Before                                       After
Other times I think she likes my creative side.  A couple year ago we had a windstorm in the late summer and her little green house blew across the back yard.  She looked at me and asked for one that wouldn't.  It's also heated so she can use it in the winter.  Even in Alaska.


When I turned 50 years old, my wife wanted it to be very special.  And what a great job she did.  She wanted to take me to my first real concert.  ​​​​Ask me later if you think "What?  Your first at 50?  What was wrong with you?".  So we flew to Seattle for the Rolling Stones "Big Bang" concert.

She also told me that a lot of the men she knows bought a motor cycle or a sports car when they turned 50.  And that everyone that bought a sports car got devorsed.  "I'm getting you a motorcycle!".  Well OK!

But she was a little surprized with the one I wanted.  

And then after a little time and fun work I had MY motorcycle.

And because I wanted to take my dog with me and keep her safe, she had her own place of honor.
And she loved going with me any time.

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